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Composed by Self-Compulsion

Days of absolute desolation and melancholy

open their lips at times;

They wish the writer, the artist in me a peaceful retired life.

I understand well the silent advice to fade-out voluntarily.

In reality, I have never mortgaged my sense organs to any being,

Not even to the greatest educator, ‘Time’;

Thus I never desisted myself from recording

my time, my experiences,

in the fashion I wanted to depict them.

My interpretations have coined a few new words,

and  have altered some older ones as well;

My thought process has fought very hard against

all the  undue constrictions on its way;

My elaboration has led to improvisations,

perhaps unasked for ,

and the impurities have crept in.

Gradually , I’ve seen the several genres of mistakes,

flourishing at will;

they are many , they are diverse,

and thus ,  they’ve formed a form of  ‘Art’.

Solitary correctness  now appears to be cliched.

The future of all my creations may end up in getting locked,

into the darkness of metal trunks, wooden almirahs ;

the ‘honorary members’ of the age-old sensor board.

But the pollen-bearing wind keeps on turning

the pages over,

The dark ink evokes flash-flood of adrenaline,

and the ‘cognitive storm’ inside the brain never subsides –

It maintains my health.


About Anand Sehgal

A graduate researcher, A writer, A poet, A singer, A composer,An actor..............An artist by heart

2 comments on “Composed by Self-Compulsion

  1. rhitibose
    June 20, 2013

    Self compulsion has driven you to write a real complex piece…. good work Auro. I always love the blank verse you write in.

  2. Anand Sehgal
    June 25, 2013

    Thanks a lot Rhiti Di, Flattered, honoured 😀

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