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A Self-Centred ( Focussed) Conversation

A stranger (out of  nowhere)  : If I am not wrong , you’re Rudro, right?
Rudro: Yes, certainly I’m . Why?
Stranger : I came to know that a couple of days back .
Rudro: What did I do to rise to fame so early?
Stranger: I heard you  singing near lake Raleigh . Your Singing was brilliant indeed.
Rudro: Thank you , but then you inquired a lot it seems.
Stranger: No,  a friend of mine confirmed . I watched you taking random pictures too.
Rudro: Nothing is random , everything has got its own purpose…
Stranger: I see ..!
Rudro: No , you have heard .
Stranger : you are very jovial . No doubt about that.
Rudro: But being so didn’t fetch me any money .
Stranger : you’re hilarious .
Rudro:  If you find any scope where I can showcase my caliber, and earn a fat amount of money, remember me before anybody else…… for me , Money is the purest form of recognition . Wisdom and Health follows it .  See ya !!

About Anand Sehgal

A graduate researcher, A writer, A poet, A singer, A composer,An actor..............An artist by heart

2 comments on “A Self-Centred ( Focussed) Conversation

  1. rajrlb
    October 28, 2013

    jaata 😛 hahaha

  2. Anand Sehgal
    October 28, 2013

    😛 😛 even I enjoyed it as much 😛

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