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Progress / Progression

Be it a routine hormonal kick or some strange cosmic directives coming from some alien planet, the dreams of becoming popular flood quite a big portion of our brains, while living through the late teenage phase.

Shirts having patterned marks and indicative lingos, trendy hair-styles, super-modern electronic gadgets ” these attributes appear to be the right tools that are capable of winning a ‘Kingdom’ and establishing commoners as ‘Mighty Kings’.

Then, as we move on, marching towards the mid-twenties, the hormonal residues get washed off the grey cells, along with the secreta of the sebaceous glands, in the rains of the few years spent in between and a new priority is born , called aggressive hunger for the success. This is not by any means an infatuation or a ‘hormone triggered blindness’. This is the time when the personality inside a person is awakened and it searches for the opportunity to carve a niche on its own.

For us, the human beings, this phase remains a little more refined and somewhat sophisticated. In the animal kingdom, the post-juvenile period consists mainly of the search for the best sexual mate, which means again nothing but a bunch of complicated bio-chemical reactions only.

After the segregation of the successful and unsuccessful population, demarcation of haves and have-nots, the wild world moves on. But in our world, the so-called ‘evolved and humane world’, lives on a life of the defeated. Those who couldn’t win, still have a place in our world, although at the farthest and darkest corner. We are probably tolerant to a bigger margin of error, than our savage cousins. By this time, silently we start to enter into our thirties.

Hereby we enter the survival phase of our life.  Afterwards this is the only phase that continues to survive, and sees all other phases getting phased out one by one, in a graceful and natural way. Those who accept this truth pretty quickly, lives happily thereafter, staying close to the ‘ground state’. And the restive giants, who still love to stay in the excess energy states triggers the societal damages. They usually forget the well-known adage that says ‘live and let live’,  and take the society forward towards its ‘final destination’ or a ‘decisive end’ .

Thus the whole ‘human societal set-up’ goes through a training process of change of time, a radical morphosis, occasional ‘untimely demise’ and ‘liberation of unsatiated souls’.

Ah! My goodness!  By the time this piece is about to end, a soulful second batch of souls has arrived. The cycle never ends, it can’t  really stand still .


About Anand Sehgal

A graduate researcher, A writer, A poet, A singer, A composer,An actor..............An artist by heart

2 comments on “Progress / Progression

  1. rhitibose
    February 9, 2014

    Brilliant. I just want to know what provoked this thought?

  2. Anand Sehgal
    February 9, 2014

    Just Like that. Nowadays I am into a mood of comparative contemplation 🙂 🙂

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