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Unearthing Life 11

The ever mysterious thing called Life is all about
diminishing , downsizing one’s own dreams ,
especially the favorite ones ;
It is all about clouding , contaminating ,
poisoning gradually the most pristine pictures that
the imaginative, restive mind can ever gestate .
With time, the dream decays to debris,
eventually compelling us to hit the rock bottom.
Finding no other way out we become sweepers ,
full of hope , eager to clean the debris again.
From the dream-dust we create the dreams afresh,
The ones very different from their predecessors .
At times we remain the same, the dreams revolve around us
and evolve.
When the dreams come to a standstill,
we evolve.
Time takes note of the heritable traits ,
Belonging to us and our dreams;
The life moves on.

About Anand Sehgal

A graduate researcher, A writer, A poet, A singer, A composer,An actor..............An artist by heart

4 comments on “Unearthing Life 11

  1. param280
    December 15, 2015


  2. nilanjonas
    December 16, 2015

    dream-dust, weakest, evolve, strength……shundor lekha

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