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Energy Scenario: India (A)

This is high time India starts doing its own rigorous research on Molten Salt Reactors , otherwise America will start selling them to us ( and many others) in 10 years from now. I know this, because I made a commercial expansion strategy paper for a national research laboratory while I was sitting in USA. Actually it is not an appeal , it is sort of ringing alarm to the community members. Even if none else pursues it in near future, I will do it. May be with the help of people sitting abroad. MSRs in its first phase will serve as a helping hand to the existing LWRs by consuming low-enrichment spent fuels and thus is expected to reduce radioactive waste disposal problem greatly. Volume minimization/ vitrification technique was great and served very well, but with greater need of energy, the waste volume will also increase . Again this energy demand speaks volumes about the need of a greater amount of fuel ( i.e. Uranium, Thorium etc.). But mining involves a lot of bureaucratic loops. It also will require at times the consent of the local/native people ( and mind it, this sector carries the keyword “NUCLEAR” on its back, and you can easily deduce the rest). Hence we must utilize the available fuel as much as possible. Our waste should be treated as food, until and unless it ceases to practically nothing . Let us embrace the Molten Salt Reactor. Either we should allocate the money for the R & D, or we should keep the bucks and bullion ready to be flushed in exchange of the branded black-boxes (and serve as mere reactor operators with third-hand knowledge once the coveted guests arrive). The choice lies upon the Government’s will and practical thinking. .


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