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Asiatic Lions: A few words beyond the numbers

Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica) has touched a record population size of 650 individuals. It is to be remembered that this very population is direct descendant of a very small residual population of only about a dozen or so adults. Thus it severely suffers from genetic bottleneck (depression and deterioration of genetic materials due to frequent inbreeding). If a disease breaks out, the whole population might get wiped out in a matter of days, at best within a few months and lack of new bloodline won’t stand a chance. Add to it the high mortality rate of the lion cubs and sub-adults. The picture doesn’t stay pink and happy for long.   If the Central Govt. of India is really keen about the welfare of these majestic beasts, slowly a second home should be realized. Gujarat government should not be stubborn about not sharing their prized possessions , the maned beasts. Their adamant nature has by and large stopped the proposal of relocating the excess lions to a favorable place near the MP -Gujarat Border. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone voice will fetch him some name as well as fame , but the tourism videos won’t be able to restore the thundering roar that sets the tune of the precious ecosystem; the eternal food-chain.


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