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Unearthing Life 9

Suddenly a realization churned out of my mind.

A realization that craves for meaningful isolation ;

A realization that speaks for non-interference, 

virtual independence;

A realization that champions the need of uniqueness. 

 I realized that “almost” none of us needs a suggestion

to live a life of own,

and to celebrate one as well.

 Everyone’s life is and should be unique.

There is a reason behind every life of every possible kind;

There is a purpose, apparently hidden

yet quite evident ;

 obvious in a cognitive way,

yet needing some exercise .

Life should be stimulating for the living beings,

to be called as life.

It remains the best that way.


About Anand Sehgal

A graduate researcher, A writer, A poet, A singer, A composer,An actor..............An artist by heart

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